The gospels (Luke 5:16 e.g.) record that Jesus frequently drew away from the crowds to “lonely” or “deserted” places to pray.   I guess this would qualify.  I love this picture – it’s a trail I took in 2011 for the 3rd time that took me to the top of Whitney.   Whitney is that big flat-top in the distance.    Just look at it!  It’s desperate! and it’s dry!  In some ways it depicts my path now.  I am desperate for a new touch from the Father while thankful for every previous one.  Paradoxically I am in a season of deeper growth than I ever thought I would experience while knowing my path to this point is leading me to the precipice of a glorious break-through realization of His presence.

I am so thrilled to have this season at E58 SOM and the possible answers to prayer it presents!