Chapter 4 – Summary – Faith – Anchored in the Unseen

Bill Johnson calls Faith the eyes of the soul. Faith allows us to see in the supernatural and see with heaven’s vision. Faith allows us to see what is reasonable or ‘realistic’ in God.  Faith is a “mirror that reflects” what is possible from heaven’s points of view. When we decide what is reasonable or possible apart from God, we operate in unbelief.    Fear is the result of a heart “broken” by unbelief.   Faith is not just a mental attitude, but faith actually grabs onto what it understands in the supernatural and pulls down to earth.  Bill also talks about a “cluster bomb” effect when a community is in agreement in faith

Chapter 5 – Summary – Praying Heaven  Down

I love this chapter. This chapter is about grabbing onto heaven and pulling down what is in heaven. In this chapter looks at the “Lord’s” prayer from Matthew 6 the focus of which is to pray down to earth what is in heaven. I love how he speaks about binding on earth what is true in heaven. Pulling heaven to earth is the result of living as citizens of heaven. The more we live as citizens of heaven and in heaven, the more we bring what we are citizen of to earth.  I also love his prayer strategies he revealed here: especially where he says that he prays “until he reaches a place of faith” for a situation. He then prays from that point from that place of faith.

Chapter 6 – Summary – The Kingdom and the Spirit

The kingdom is result of the movement of God’s Spirit. The kingdom  is the realm of the Spirit. In this chapter Bill Johnson makes a radical statement: Jesus did not come only to release us from the bondage of sin in order that we may receive grace and salvation; but he did that so that we could filled with God’s own Spirit. We are filled with the Spirit in order to be empowered as we share dominion with Him.  This is God’s ultimate purpose: not only to take dominion rightfully back for heaven’s purposes but also to share that dominion with His church.

Ah-Hah Moment

Something that Bill Johnson said hit me in a new and fresh way that was very powerful. In chapter 5 he talks about a woman who set up a booth at a local faire who was going to read tarot cards etc.  He did not engage her in spiritual warfare but he engaged in the spirit realm against her activity. And in doing so he prayed binding her to the Word of God that the the spirits influencing her had no power on the ground where he stood and he claimed the area for the kingdom. I like the binding to the Word. The truth of the Word is more powerful than the lies of the enemy and we can declare the Word and hold ground.    It just hit me in a new and powerful way.