I was just thinking how many in modern North American Christianity hold that heaven can or will only be received and accessed….well later on.   When you combine this with another failed teaching that God does not inspire people to operate in His Spirit today as he did in the early church,  there is no expectation that heaven or the Spirit to intervene or intrude into anybody’s life.  Even when they really want Him to!

So when do we enjoy is salvation?   Just when we die?   And What is heaven? the place we go when we die?   And what does a Christian (who believes these things) do while we are waiting for heaven and Salvation? Be a “good” christian the best we can?

The problem is that we are supernatural beings created to be in communion with heaven. But if we a closed view that says that it is not God’s plan that that kind of communion is not possible now, some people will try to create their own vision of heaven on earth in the natural that mimics the reality of heaven .  In my humble opinion that is why many christians meld politics and their “belief” systems. They use politics (the natural) as the vehicle to get a taste of heaven now rather than using faith to usher in Jesus’.   Just a thought….