I went to E58 School of Ministry (SOM) last night. As I approached I heard the worship team practicing last night. I saw a homeless person laying on the ground with some of his belongings around him. I went in. Worship started. About a song into worship the Lord put on my heart to go outside and minister to this person. I did. I went out. He/she (I couldn’t tell) was laying on the ground on his side. Dead Quiet. He was in a deep, deep sleep. I talked to him but he did not respond. I kept talking to him but he didn’t respond. He was either in a deep sleep or had died. Not a muscle twitched or responded to me.  So I just spoke blessings over Him and declared God’s love for him and told his spirit that Jesus wants to have a relationship with him. He still didn’t move. I didn’t know what else to do. I did not feel it was my right to disturb him.  I felt released so I took whatever cash I had in my wallet – $6 – and laid it next to his face.