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Hi!  I so glad you stopped by. That ‘s me with one of my two sons in 2011 on top of Mt Whitney.  We are leaning against the USGS “shack” at the summit.  Great trip, perfect weather enjoyed a perfect view.  That was my 3rd and best time up there.  Not a cloud in the sky and I got to do it with my younger son.  Sometimes you realize how wonderful it is that God just lets you breathe one more day!

Let me tell you about me:  I am married and very much in love with my wife Kathy.  I have two sons: Ryan and Eamon. That’s Eamon in the picture here.  He’s driving now.  Wow. Look out!  I have another son, Ryan, who is serving in the US Air Force and is stationed in Tacoma, Washington at McCord Air Base. He is currently deployed in Qatar and due to return in early December. I pray frequently for his safe return as well as for all of the service men and women.

I love backpacking and camping.  In the last three years I did this trip to Mt Whitney. It was my third time. This one was a 7-day 60 mile trip; last year we canoed down the Green River in Utah 50 miles to the confluence with the Colorado River; and this year I joined my son’s boy scout troop to Philmont, New Mexico for a seven day trip.  I love when one of my buds calls me up and says “Let’s get remote!”   Road Trip!  I’m partial to the deserts and the mountains. I love the West!  Adventure is good!

I am the planting pastor a small Vineyard church in Simi Valley.   It is a very deep honor to be able to do this.  Come and visit sometime!